Transgender people have more visibility. This new generation is growing to be more accepting whether that is gender, system of belief, sexual orientation, gender identity and acceptance towards asexuality between other things. Still a lot of people of the generation that is now older than eighteen years old are having problem accepting. I am not judging these generations and I am part of it but why is it so hard for our generations, and those older than us, to accept these things than in must cases aren’t even their decision to make? Why? I think I know why because they are lacking visibility.
In this year 2015 there are more visibility about these but before this year? If we go back to the 60’s and you said you were an asexual, gender fluid pansexual people who have though you were crazy and not because of the names, even though it tends to be confusing, but because they have not heard of this before. They wouldn’t understand how you could be gender fluid or pansexual and much less asexual. Most people thing we need sex to survive and they can’t understand someone not needing it. We need visibility. We need more brave people being proud of who they are and we need even more people applauding these people for accepting themselves. We need to stop calling gays fags, lesbian dyke, transgender science experiments, and so on. We need to learn to put things in perspective. Maybe it’s hard to understand someone being into their same genders because you have never been attracted to your same gender but this doesn’t mean that its not valid thing. Maybe you don’t understand someone being bisexual, and this go for you homosexuals too, because you can’t understand someone being attracted to two genders when you only are attracted to one but this doesn’t mean their attracting to two genders is not real. It means you don’t un
derstand it. Maybe you don’t understand transgender because you were in the right body but this doesn’t mean their struggle is not real. Maybe you don’t understand gender fluid because you don’t know how it feels how it feels to feel like you are more than just one gender. Maybe you don’t understand pansexual because you believe there are only two genders and maybe you don’t understand people whose gender are not in the gender binary because your gender is. It’s hard to understand what is different but this doesn’t take the fact that is real. The best way to understand something is to open up to learning about it and to put yourself in their shoes. You wont be able to completely but at least you will see things in a new perspective. If you still don’t understand that’s okay but don’t put down people for it. Here I’m going to leave two videos one is call BOY it’s a short film that I found very powerful and the other one is called Break Freak and is by Ruby Rose a famous gender fluid model and actress.

What are you thoughts on this short film? I love it! It just so powerful it really makes you think.

I also love this video so much I share it on my Facebook every single time it appears in my feed or I watch which is a lot but that might be because Ruby Rose. She’s perfect. Even though she identifies herself as gender fluid and gender neutral she prefers female pronoun. Anyway I love her.

Visibility by jbww

This image I did contains pictures of famous transgender, asexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, gender fluid and so on.

Don’t forget to leave me some love in the comments and share with the world. 😀 Have a great night (or day) and see  you soon!

love, jane2


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