Back To School Life Hacks/Tips Part 1: Getting Ready for School/College.

You guys have no idea how long it took me to make that photo from scratch but I'm so proud.
You guys have no idea how long it took me to make that photo from scratch but I’m so proud.

Summer break is over.

Worst. Sentence. Ever.  Also, my reality and the reality that a lot of you will face soon. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner while wondering where the summer went. As you can see summer go flying for me between taking summer classes, travelling to Punta Cana, babysitting my nephew and preparing for college. Since I was so busy before I realized it was the first day of class.

sniff sniff
sniff sniff

SO I decided to look at the bright side and the BIG BRIGHT SIDE is back to school post. I love back to school posts, and since I hadn’t posted in so long well what better moment to go back to that. I’m trying to write and post all the posts I can before midterms and finals because lately I feel like time is flying out the window. So before I make this introduction any longer I should just go to the post.

After plenty of years in multiple schools, around 6 or 7, and my short but meaningful experience in college, I have learned some hack that I feel could be useful to a lot of people. The problem is I have way too many hacks for this post to be readable or bearable so I decided to do it for categories and today’s categories is getting ready for school/college. So let’s start before I make this a sequel to the introduction.

Life Hack/Tip #1 Make your room feel like a relaxing haven before going to bed.

The night before going to bed give your room some good sleep vibes. Make it as relaxing as possible this will help you sleep better and rest more. This is perfect for when you have to go to sleep, but you’re not tired. This is fairly simple and most of the time either cheap or free. My mom taught me this and since I started doing it I sleep better.

this always make me laugh
this always make me laugh

What I do is I take my comfiest pillow and stack them on top of the not so comfy one. Then I spray my pillows with pillow mist. I use one made for relaxation. I spray it on my pillows on my curtains and a little on my bed, then I turn the fan on so the air circulates. I take my speaker and put music for deep relaxation with a timer usually for an hour and a half or more depends for how long I’m sleeping. I tried to put it very low so I would have to concentrate on the music to really listen to it, but loud enough that I can hear it even without paying attention. I put my phone far away from me and a water bottle next to my bed so I won’t have to get up after I’m in bed. If I’m not sleepy and I don’t feel like being in a complete dark my turn in the dimmest light, but I put it far away from my face. Light will tell your body that it is not time for sleeping and will make it difficult.

Ariel I understand you. I do the same thing every night.
Ariel I understand you. I do the same thing every night.

*Don’t forget to put the alarm and you might want to put more than one because it might relax you that much*

Life hacks/tip #2 Always pick the outfit the night before.

I’m pretty sure you have probably heard this before from tons of people. I know I have and my mom was #1 person that since I can remember would tell to leave the clothes ready the night before, but I didn’t listen much back then because I wore uniforms so it wasn’t that much of a difference but now I try to do it religiously. When I don’t I spend precious time trying to decide what to wear. I was a lazy dresser I really am and if I don’t pick my outfit the night before I end up with the same black leggings, black shirts with the same oversized hoodies and the same old boots. The fact that they were on sale on forever and I got like 4 of the black leggings and 6 of the same black shirt doesn’t help. So every night I check the weather report and pick my outfit taking the weather, classes and temperature in consideration. It helps me look presentable and not like a hoodie with legs.  Honestly, this trick saves me like minimum 15 minutes, which is perfect when you love to have breakfast and sleep.

looking good.
looking good.

It helps me look presentable and not like a hoodie with legs.  Honestly, this trick saves me like minimum 15 minutes, which is perfect when you love to have breakfast and sleep.

You should also do this with your backpack and anything else that you need, but it takes too much time in the morning.

Life hacks/Tip #3 Have different outfits ready at the palm of your hands.

The title makes it seem like I’m saying the same life hack twice, but I’m not just hear me out. Like I mentioned, I’m a lazy dresser I believe in comfort over looks plus my sense of fashion its not only strange but it’s rarely on. This is why when the summer before college this occurred to me I felt like a genius. Okay. So you know how when you don’t know what to wear the best thing ever is using an outfit you know looks good, right? Well, what if you would take a picture of your outfit every time you make a new one and you love it so you could save it for future reference?

I have only said this like a hundred time.
I have only said this like a hundred time.

You see where I’m going with this? Well, this is perfect for when the night before you find yourself saying: 

If you still don’t follow me, let me explain to you.

I wish I had that computer.
I wish I had that computer.

What you need to do:

  1. Put on an outfit.
  2. Take a picture of the outfit you’re wearing at the moment or an outfit you have worn before and loved.
  3. Save it in an album in your computer/tablet/phone
  4. When in need for either inspiration or just an idea of what to wear just scroll through your picture and find an outfit that fit your mood.
  5. Put on the outfit you decided was perfect.
  6. Shine bright like a diamond. (Disclaimer diamonds don’t shine they actually reflect)

Life hack/tip #4 Hair

If you like to curl your hair or straightened your hair try to do it the night before this will save you time in the morning. I usually get my hair done once a week only and try to make it last as much with the great help of dry shampoo. Still since it doesn’t last the week and I don’t like straightening more than once per week I like to leave it curly. Then what I do is that when I wash it the night before I leave with lotions and a mix I make so the next day its curly. That way, what I have to do the next day is to wet it a little, put a little more of the mix of the lotions I have already made and I’m ready.

Her hair was actually cute she just needed some good lotion to tame it down but I'm down with the straight hair.
Her hair was actually cute she just needed some good lotion to tame it down but I’m down with the straight hair.

If you use alarms to wake up this life hack/tip is for you. If you have problems waking up, then these few life hacks/tips are for you and if you are an expert at hitting snooze then these are definitely for you.

Life hack/tip #5 Make yourself get out of bed.

Whether you use your phone, your tablet, your mp3 player or just a normal clock if you’re not a morning person then waking up early is not very pleasing and can be harder than telling yourself that you don’t want pizza during finals week If you’re an expert at hitting snooze is even harder but there’s a solution.

I know this is a lot of you guys do this.
I know this is a lot of you guys do this.

Take the device you use for alarm and put it far away from your bed. It has to be far enough that you have to walk more than 3 steps to turn it off. That way, when you finally convince yourself to turn it off, then you’ll have to walk which will then make you realize you’re already awake and might as well wake up.

Life hack/tip #6 Putting alarms like an expert.

If your alarm is not loud enough for you to hear it, there’s three options: 1) if you have a device that fit in a cup then do that. Place it in a cup the cup will make the device sound louder.FM4MUH0HHOFWJME.MEDIUM

2) If you have a speaker and a device that let use speakers with the alarm then you can just use the speaker to make your alarm loud enough for you to wake up. 3) Get a clock, or a new one, that is loud enough or annoying enough for you to ignore. BONUS ONE get someone to wake you up. This might not work if you live alone or if you have to wake up at an insanely early hour but you can always try. I live at home and my mom knows that if its 6 am and I’m not awake she should wake me up. Funny how tons of alarms, very annoying one, don’t always wake me up, but all my mom has to do is say my name and I wake up instantly. I guess that’s just years of training. 

Life hack/tip #7 Back up your alarms

Make sure before you go to bed that your alarms are activated, that the alarms are set at the right time and at the right day. I like to have different alarms just in case something happens. I have my clock’s alarm, my phone’s alarm, my tablet’s alarm and my amazing mom. Also having different alarms is good to have, even if you only need one, but it’s better to be secure.

I usually only need one but I always have more than one just in case.
I usually only need one but I always have more than one just in case.  

Life hack/tip #8 Make sure you wake up gently

If you don’t like waking up with some loud noise because it scares the Jesus out of you then this is what you can do. Put the alarm to start playing soft music 15 to 30 minutes before, so when the loud noise comes out of nowhere you’re half-awake so it won’t scare you as bad. Or simply put an alarm that starts, 15 to 30 minutes before, on low volume and gets louder until you turn it off.

As you can see I like to wake up with the less stress possible in the morning. So these next life hack/tips are for the moment you wake up for class. Okay, so now you’re awake, but you’re still very sleepy here’s my next life hack/tip for you.

Life hack/tip #9 Wake up with the right music.

Have a playlist of music that makes you feel energized and happy. As soon as you wake up listening to it, it has been proven that music can affect how you feel, so having a happy, energizing playlist will make you feel happy and well energized. You can also time it so you know that when it’s done, it is time to leave. If you don’t know what to put into it or just don’t feel like then what you can do is use Songza. I like to use Songza’s waking up happy or waking up with energy playlist it really puts me in the right mood. You can also use Spotify and use a playlist already made or make one. 

Life hack/tip #10 Cold Water

Another great tip is to drink a glass of cold water as soon as you wake up. This will definitely make you more alert plus a cold glass of water is always good for your body.

I <3 infused water.
I love infused water.

It is always good and necessary to hydrate your body and if you’re planning to drink coffee is good to hydrate before because coffee dehydrated you. If you don’t like plain water you can always use infused water for flavor and nutrients. 

I had a couple of tips of tricks, but somehow my computer disappears all of them. It doesn’t even appear when you check for the old version. Heck, it even took off my saving options. This computer is crazy, I miss my old one. So I’m going to try to write them from the back of my head.

Let’s see….

  1. Always have a good, strong, healthy breakfast. Breakfast literally means the breaking of the fast you were while you were sleeping and your body needs some food to get the energy you’ll use during the day. That is why is so important. For me is super important that I get breakfast or I’ll get, the worse headache, but also cause I have early classes, 7:00 a.m., that requires thinking A LOT. Also, I walk A LOT in my college, so having real energy not just the fake one from coffee is a necessity. Try having breakfast every day and you’ll see the huge difference it makes.
  2. Bring snacks with you. Snacks are always recommended by health professionals and I recommend them too. It helps you stay full longer and when class is boring eating snacks can maintain you awake. Try to bring healthy snacks because these might help you get better grades. Like for examples berries and nuts are good for the brains and studies have recently shown that people who eats berries regularly, especially blue berries, have a lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s.
  3. Always bring either a scarf, sweater, jacket, a hoodie or whatever you use to stay warm. This is very important because even if it’s a 100°F classroom can be as cold as a penguin’s butt and I don’t know about you but I can’t concentrate if I’m cold.

I think that was all. Don’t forget to like, share, reblog and so on if you enjoy and stay tuned for my next Back To School Post.



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