A Historic Moment in Puerto Rico’s history: The Mega Wedding


Yesterday was a very important day for the LGBTQ+ and everyone who supports them because couples of the same sex have finally the right to get married in Puerto Rico. This is a HUGE step for themegawedding4 equality, but an even huger step for Puerto Rico because 6 months ago we wouldn’t have imagined this possible. You see Puerto Rico is a very Christian island and not every Christian accepts marriage between couples of the same sex. These Christian and non-Christian dislike the mere idea of same sex couples having the same equal right as regular couple and they have made it very clear. Some have come to a point of marching against it and against every other basic right same sex couple and individuals from this community may have/need. I’m one of the few Christian who support it therefore I’m celebrating. Celebrating because equality is almost here; celebrating because two people that love each other can finally promise to love each other forever and the law has to accept it;LOVE IS LOVE celebrating because there’s nothing more beautiful than two individuals loving each other to the point where they swear to love each other forever. I want to get married and I know it would hurt me if I couldn’t do it, and if it was illegal. I know what is like to love someone with every single cell in your body and wanting to be with them forever. It is not fair that since we are a straight couple we had more rights than other same sex couples that had been together forever. I am celebrating and so is the world.

Since in Puerto Rico we do it better we celebrated like no other… We celebrated by hosting a mega wedding. A wedding of all same sex couples, of different backgrounds, races, beliefs, religions, but with one thing in mind, the love they feel for each other. themeggawedding2This was a historic moment for the community LGBTQ+ in Puerto Rico and for every single Puerto Rican from the new generation who is growing up to be more open and accepting. This is a historic moment for every single one who heard the news. It doesn’t matter if you were against it, with it or were one of the lucky couples.themegawedding1 It was a historic moment for everyone. I couldn’t be prouder of being Puerto Rican. I couldn’t be prouder because same sex couples will no longer have to leave the island to get married; I couldn’t be prouder because same sex couples from all around the world can come have their dream wedding in Puerto Rico, and I couldn’t be prouder because we are one step closer to acceptance and equality. Let’s celebrate this historic moment because it’s okay to be gay; it’s okay to be a lesbian; it’s okay to be a transgender; it’s okay to be bisexual, and because it’s okay to be yourself.                  themegaweddingwedding3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



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