Top five reasons why this year rocked & a summary of how I feel about it.

The year 2015 is now coming to an end. I can’t believe today is New Year’s eve. Around this time of the year I usually feel happy because it’s the end of the year and like almost everyone else I feel like a new year is like a clean slate which I felt like I needed while I searched for who I wanted to be. This year I don’t necessarily feel this way. This year has been so amazing and I’m feeling a bittersweet feeling about it ending. So many amazing things happened this year and even though I’m excited for what the next year brings, it’s sad to think that this one is ending. It’s like closing a new chapter of my life to open a blank one ready to be filled to which you have ideas of how it will be, you’re not a hundred percent sure. I can give you a thousand reasons why this year was amazing, but instead I’m going to say my top five.

Number #1 & #2

 My family grew. This year we welcomed the family M.W. and M. They are my adorable baby niece and baby nephew. YES!! I’m an auntie again by both parties this year. Meaning my sister and my sister-in-law gave birth this year, in the same month, in the same week. M.W. was born February 11, he was premature, but its healthy and handsome, and M. She was born February 14, the day after her dad’s birthday. It’s crazy looking back at those moments where I loved the hospitals because it meant spending time with my baby niece and baby nephew. I’m enjoying this stage so much. The thing is my older niece D.N. came into our lives at the age of 2 so I didn’t get to enjoy the baby age with her. It’s amazing because I’m experiencing how it is to be an auntie to a five years old, and two 10 months old. My baby niece and nephew are the exact copy of my sister and brother, which makes me feel like I’m seeing them as babies. It’s amazing, I love it.

Number #3

Everyone in my family and friend is healthy and alive. My family and friend are everything for me and it sucks when you lose one. ‘

Number #412063593_421204778070865_5308098635478882683_n.jpg

This year I celebrated my number 3rd anniversary with my boyfriend. Also, we got to spend Christmas together, which we hadn’t had before because he usually travels to spend it with his mom in the USA. 

Number #5

 I took German classes! Those who knows me knows that I’ve been dreaming of taking German classes since I took German in 12141494_420294391495237_2952159260844432058_n.jpg10th grade so for like 4 years and before that I wanted to take Italian. So yeah, I love languages and having the opportunity to take German classes
was amazing. It was just such an amazing year. It just was.


This year like I said was amazing with my niece and nephew being born to learn German. Still, it was also amazing because I went to the Dominican Republic on vacation with my family

Hotel Bahia Principe

and I love traveling with my family, even though this year was weird because my brother and sister didn’t go since my nephew were just a couple months old. I also got a better grip of college and raised my grades A LOT. I learned so much, read so many interesting books. In my summer classes, I read so many interesting books.

I stopped my consumption of eggs and even though I still sometimes consume baked goods with eggs, I have reduced it to the minimum. I also have reduced my dairy intake to a minimum I rarely eat cheese. I tried and made a bunch of vegan food. 12074818_416383475219662_4382710985901091791_nI learned to love and accept myself even when others taught me not to. I learned who were my real friends and who was not worth my time. I made some new friends and tons of acquaintances. I have fought for what I believed in. I made plans. I had fun. I studied and learned a lot. I fell even more in love with my life. I realized how much I love my family and how important they are to me. I changed a lot. I fell even more in love with my boyfriend and like I’ve told you before it was out 3rd anniversary. I was afraid and still am of losing people. I discovered myself, I celebrated and I got frustrated many, many, many, many, MANY times. I’m grateful I didn’t. Thank you for those two people who didn’t let me, my German lab professor, and my amazing boyfriend. I learned the “why” of my parents many decisions and why they did many things. I’m grateful because these things shaped me into a better person.  This year has been so incredibly amazing! In its UP and downs life has taught me so much and God knows I love to learn. Still, all get to an end and this is the end of this chapter called 2015. It was full of craziness, plot twist, unexpected happiness in unexpected places. This chapter is close to an end and I’m ready for the next one with my family and friends in one hand and God in the other. I am ready for 2016! Hello year 2016 treat me good and treat me better. Okay? Okay.

PS thanks to all of my followers for an amazing year and expect a lot more from me this new year. 

PSS I finished this like at 2 in the morning so if you see any typo or grammatical errors please let me know in a comment.

Thank you for reading and have an amazing new year. 

                       love, Jane



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