New Years Resolution.



New Year’s resolutions. We all have them at some point. The list might be a never ending list or an incredibly short list. The resolutions could be incredibly hard to way too easy. I always make them every. Single. Year. The thing my resolutions I made for 2015 was too crazy and I didn’t even finish like 1/3 of it. I felt disappointed at myself until I realize some of these resolutions were crazy and others I was interested in doing it, but I had thought that maybe if I put it as a resolution I was going to do it. I didn’t. This year though I decided my resolutions were going to be realistic. I have changed so much since my last list of resolutions that I feel this one needs to be different and encourage me to open my horizons and to change. I believe change is good and I want to change. I want to learn more and be a better version of myself. After thinking what I wanted different this year I wrote my resolutions for this year and here it is:


Jeannette Breeze resolutions for this year 2016

  1. To read books I normally wouldn’t read.

     The challenge I made I did it with this resolution in my mind. I want to expand my reading horizons because I have this year and I discovered some jewels.

  1. To read more.

     Last year I barely read so this year I want to read more. This is why I use the Goodreads 2016 reading challenge and I challenge myself to read 30 books. It’s barely anything. I use to read a lot more, but that was back in school. Now I’m in college and reading as many books as I used to would take a lot of time that I could spend studying and sleeping.

  1. To manage my time more efficiently.

     I used to be kind of a big mess. My first semester of college, I spent too much time watching Netflix and reading and too little studying. Then I would end up at the library trying to finish at the last minute, skipping a class to make up for another, or not sleeping at all to finish something. My next semester will be a little better and like that I have gotten better. Still, I am master of procrastination and last semester I was so proud of myself when I did things with time.

  1. To become fluent in German.

If you been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I started taking a German last semester and I have fallen in love with the language and since the end of this year, I want to be able to have a conversation with someone.

  1. To be more focused on this blog.

     This Christmas I’ve posted more that I did this whole semester and I’m doing to make up for all the lost time. From the moment college, start I’ll be trying to post twice a week Monday and Thursday. Still like this week I wasn’t able to post on a Monday because I was busy so then I’ll post on Tuesday. Also, I already put on my schedule some time during the day that is for me to focus on the blog and the blog only.

  1. To be more focused on my studies.

I have been a lot more focused on my studies, but I still procrastinate and sometimes I don’t study but this year like I mentioned before I have a plan to tackle this.

  1. To write more.

Writing is my passion and with the lack of time I barely have time to write. This year I want to write more than last year. I don’t care if is poems, stories or blog post I want to write more.

  1. To get out of my comfort zone more.

This goes from classes to books; from relationship with friends to family; from taking chances to trying new foods.

  1. To learn how to drive and get my license.

In Puerto Rico before you get your real license you first have to take a written test and then a driving test. On the writing test you get a student license where you can drive with someone who has a license but not by yourself. I have that one, but since I don’t like driving I haven’t gotten the interest on getting the regular one. The regular one is the normal one you can drive by yourself and everything you normally can. Still, this year I want to depend less on other people taking me everywhere and I don’t want to depend on the buses and the train.

  1. To not bite my nails.

Every. Single. Year. I say that I’m not going to bite my nails and I always make it until finals come and there goes my nails. One time I got a no biting nail polish that tasted horrible, so if you put it in your mouth, then you taste it and be so disgusted that you wouldn’t do it. It worked for me until one day I was passing it on my nails and I forgot that it was on my lap and got up. The nail polish, then in slow motion fell to the floor and shattered in pieces. This year I’m getting the same nail polish and I’m going to buy asap because my nails are so short that biting them is impossible.



That’s about it. That’s my resolution list. What’s your resolution list for this new year? Leave a comment below with your resolutions, tips for or just good wishes.

Love, Jane



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