Audiobooks- Why I love ‘em

What are audiobooks?



As a reader, I used to think that audio books were weird and not worth my time and money. I also wondered if I could go through one and actually remember what happened. Fast forward a couple of years later, I love Audiobooks and actually listen to at least twice a year. Since I love Audiobooks so much and I feel like it doesn’t get the love, and attention it deserves I decided to write about it. These are reasons why I love Audiobooks.
Reason #1 Audiobooks are perfect for the busy person.

Audiobooks are amazing for busy persons. Why? Well with paper books and ebooks you can multitaskbut it’s quite difficult without something going wrong but not with Audiobooks. I am a college students who most of the time feels like she’s drowning in work. Since I don’t have much time free the little I do, I’m usually too tired to read or just desmotivated. Also, I usually start a book, have a moment with too much work and stop


reading, and then months later realized I never finished it. But with Audiobooks I can use the time I don´t have and use it. What do you mean? You may ask. Well, you can listen to an audiobook while: cooking, walking from class to class, showering, driving, eating, getting ready, cleaning, on the bus or train, while folding clothes, exercising and so much more. That way that time you normally use just doing those things, you can also multitask and feed two birds with one scone.


For example:

I listen to Audiobooks while I clean, exercise, cook, eat, walk from class to class, wait in line or while I’m on the bus or train. This way I’ve found ways to enjoy books, even when I’m full of things to do. I listened to almost the whole Binge by Tyler Oakley audiobook while cleaning and cooking and it definitely made it easier and less boring.

Reason #2 Audiobooks are perfect for those books you don’t want to read and for those who don’t like reading.

I LOVE reading, but sometimes if I have to read a book for college for a class I feel really negative towards the book. I must confess that I hate


when people force me to read bookswhich is probably why I can’t stand a Isabel Allende’s book La Ciudad de las Bestias because my mom forced me to read it, that’s why I usually hate reading classics because I’m usually forced to read it for class. If you’re like or you just don’t like reading Audiobooks are perfect. I did this for The Scarlet Letter because I had one night to read it so I took out my book and listened to the book and I would follow in my book, when my eyes would get tired or I had to do something else I would leave it playing so I could multi task.


It’s perfect for nonreaders because they can get lost in a book without having to read it. Voice actors are amazing and with audiobook is like watching a movie in your head. They’re amazing. I’m actually trying to introduce my boyfriend to audiobooks but I’m looking for the perfect book.

Another reason why Audiobooks are perfect for nonreaders is because:

Reason #3 Audiobooks just give books and narrating a whole different feeling.

Assume I’m talking about the professional audiobookbecause I am. Audiobooks are amazing in transporting to other worlds much like the books. It’s obviously a different feeling than when you get transported while reading, but listening to a voice actor narrate the book and act the books gives a book another dimension. This is why I love listening to Audiobooks of the book I’m reading at the same time. The actors make the


story feel more real. Honestly, some books are so amazingly narrated that it’s hard to read it after listening to it. I especially love when authors narrate the books, especially if it’s a memoir. When an author narrates their memoir and they narrate their struggles, jokes and just every moment in general it feels more real. It feels like that person, it’s actually telling you this and personally, it makes me understand it better. It’s not the same read the person tell you how they had anorexia versus listening to the author narrates you in your ear with emotion. Its not the same to read a joke than to listen to it. It is not the same to thing she was screaming versus listening to the character scream. It just makes it more real. I’m listen to the audiobook of Tyler Oakley called Binge and it’s narrated by him. This audiobook is the perfect example for what I was saying about audiobooks being narrated by their authors.

Reason #4 Books narrated by the author or profesional voice actos shows you exactly how the author meant for you to it. Jokes and sarcasm are


some things that are sometimes hard to understand on writting. I mean some sarcastics remarks and jokes are meant for you to hear it so you can realize its sarcarm or a joke. Sometimes sentences are inteded to have a double meaning or to demostrate something. You may catch it quickly but it is not as easy to catch it on paper versus when you hear someone say it. What I’m trying to say is that in audiobooks is clearer the tone the author inteded for you to understand.

and last but not least….

Reason #5 Audiobooks satisfy that craving you get when you want to listen  to something that is not music. Maybe you feel like listening to a series or a video but don’t really want to watch it. Am I the only one that gets this 4259120807_87afe3e3fb_o.jpgcraving? Lots of time I find myself not paying atention to the video image  but paying attention to what they say or putting on a old episode of a tv show I already watched just because I just feel like listening to someone talk and narrate. It’s quite difficult to explain. Well I get this craving and what I usually do in moments like this is 1) listen to an audiobook or 2) look for comedian station on Pandora, Songza, or Spotify.



Well, those are my top five reasons why I love Audiobooks. Now I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions.

Q- How do I listen to an audiobook?

A- There’s tons of ways. You can get the CD and listen to it on a CD or dvd player. You can pass it to your computer and then pass it to your mobile device. You can buy it from certain pages that have apps and listen to it on the app. Audiobooks comes in CD or digital download its up to you to decide. After that, justconnect it to headphones or speakers and voila.

Q- Where can I get audiobooks?

A- You can get them from your local library, you can buy in stores, you can get it online, you can see if they have it in podcast and so on.

Q- Are audiobooks expensive?

A- I’m just going to be straight up honest.Yes, especially if you get the CD one. This is why, if I had a good library close I would use those but digits are cheaper. If you want to read it with a book in kindles if you buy an ebook and there’s an audiobook you can usually get the companion audiobook for a lot cheaper or on pages like audible that is with credits. You pay around 15$ monthly and get a credit and save a lot on money. You can also listen to it on YouTube and pages like Scribd usually have some available.

Q- Where do you get your audiobooks?

A. Audible which is an amazon company.
Well that is it for today’s post. If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to say something then comment down below. Don’t forget to like, share and comment.


Love, Jane.





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