Review of Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

“I have never done anything except write, but I don’t possess the vocation or talents of a narrator, have no knowledge at all of the laws of dramatic composition, and if I have embarked upon this enterprise it is because I trust in the light shed by how much I have read in my life.” 

— Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez (Memories of My Melancholy Whores)


Facts about the book:

Title: Memories of My Melancholy Whores 

Amount of pages: 112 pages

Published: October 19th 2004 by Vintage Espanol

Original Title: Memoria de mis putas tristes

Literary Awards: Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction (2005)

Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

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“On the eve of his ninetieth birthday a bachelor decides to give himself a wild night of love with a virgin. As is his habit–he has purchased hundreds of women–he asks a madam for her assistance. The fourteen-year-old girl who is procured for him is enchanting, but exhausted as she is from caring for siblings and her job sewing buttons, she can do little but sleep. Yet with this sleeping beauty at his side, it is he who awakens to a romance he has never known. ” via amazon

In honor that the book was originally written in Spanish and that I read it in Spanish here’s the Spanish sypnosis.

 Get it in english here.

 Sypnosis in spanish:

“Un viejo periodista decide festejar sus noventa años a lo grande, dándose un regalo que le hará sentir que todavía está vivo: una jovencita virgen y con ella «el principio de una nueva vida a una edad en que la mayoría de los mortales están muertos». En el prostíbulo llega el momento en que ve a la mujer de espaldas, completamente desnuda. Ese acontecimiento cambia su vida radicalmente. Ahora que conoce a esta jovencita se encuentra a punto de morir, pero no por viejo, sino de amor. Memoria de mis putas tristes es una conmovedora reflexión que celebra las alegrías del enamoramiento, las desventuras de la vejez y sobre todo lo que sucede cuando sexo y amor se juntan para darle un sentido a la existencia. Nos encontramos ante un relato aparentemente sencillo pero cargado de resonancias, una historia narrada con el excepcional estilo y la maestría en el arte de contar historias de los que sólo fue capaz Gabriel García Márquez.” via amazon

Get it in spanish here.

Growing up I was lectured about how genius were certain people. I was told Mozart was a musical genius, and that Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a literature genius. Growing up I also

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heard dozens of people telling me how many of his works bored them to death, an exaggeration obviously, but most of those people were forced to read his works for school. I felt like that could contribute to the terrible review from those who weren’t literature lovers. I know that I disliked, and hated, having to read whatever my teachers assigned me. Now I can admit enjoying certain stories and books, but the mere thought of being forced to read something makes me bias. That is the reason I can’t stand the book La Ciudad de la Bestias by Allende even though it has great reviews. So I was not sure what to expect from this book.



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At first I had to reread the first few pages because it took me some minutes to get used to reading in Spanish and this formal like Spanish. At first it took me a while it wasn’t hard reading it, but the few times I had left for school I didn’t dedicate to reading. Somewhere along the book I got hooked the same day I started reading when I actually gave it my undivided attention. It grabbed me and I spent most of the time reading or wanting to read. It got to me. It is so different from the books I usually read, but I liked it.

I loved the character development, we see. I like that the character is not your typical old man or character in general and I love that we see things through a different perspective. I loved the story and the development of it. This book was just amazing. I would totally recommend to everyone. There’s just something about this story that makes

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me love it. Maybe it’s the characters or the way the romance its portrays. It’s a different kind of romance book, a different kind of romantic story and definitely a book to be read.

This book opened my mind other books by him and similar writers. I can’t explain what exactly made me enjoy it so much, but I can say this book should be read. If you’re looking for a book by a famous author known for writing classic then this one is perfect for that. There’s a reason Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez is so famous




Rating time! This part was quite hard because I am biased because it is a Gabriel García Márquez novel. Gabriel García Márquez is after a Nobel prize winner, however my ratings are personal of how much I enjoyed it. Okay. That being said, this novel gets a:

★ ★ ★ ★

Well that’s everything from today.


Love, Jane



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