Carol by Patricia Highsmith| Review

“I feel I stand in a desert with my hands outstretched, and you are raining down upon me.”

― Patricia Highsmith, Carol

Title: Carol

Amount of pages: 256 pages

Published: 1952

Original Title: The Price of Salt7622-1

Genre: Novel, Queer, LGBTQ, Road trip

Does it have a movie?
Yes, under the title Carol.

Author: Patricia Highsmith

Trailer here.



“Patricia Highsmith’s story of romantic obsession may be one of the most important, but still largely unrecognized, novels of the twentieth century. First published in 1952 and touted as “the novel of a love that society forbids,” the book soon became a cult classic.

Based on a true story plucked from Highsmith’s own life,ltells the riveting drama of Therese Belivet, a stage designer trapped in a department-store day job, whose routine is forever shattered by a gorgeous epiphany―the appearance of Carol Aird, a customer who comes in to buy her daughter a Christmas toy. Therese begins to gravitate toward the alluring suburban housewife, who is trapped in a marriage as stultifying as Therese’s job. They fall in love and set out across the United States, ensnared by society’s confines and the imminent disapproval of others, yet propelled by their infatuation. Carol is a brilliantly written story that may surprise Highsmith fans and will delight those discovering her work.” via

—————– * —————–

How do I even begin? This book gave me a massive reading slump. I wanted to do anything 11430661
BUT reading this book. I still pushed myself through it and go to finish it. When I did, I wanted to cry of happiness. This book was boring; it was really boring me it felt like it was going nowhere. I keep reading people’s review saying that the last 20 pages were the best and I keep forcing myself through them until I reached them. Yes, the last 20 pages were better, but it was still boring. Still, I believe it was a GOOD idea, but the author should work it out better. It honestly could have been an amazing book, but the writer failed at the idea.

I am a sucker for queer literature, but good queer literature. This character was obsessed without even knowing the other person, the book made it feel like 25622850.jpgso much time has passed when it had barely. I hated Richard I wanted to rip him from the book bring him to real life and beat him. I hated Carol. She was dismissive, cold, rude and just annoying. I really dislike her. I disliked Carol’s husband, which I know we are supposed to. *SPOILER ALERT* Honestly, I kind of wished she ended with one of her guy friends or anyone who wasn’t Carol or Richard. UGH! *SPOILER DONE*

I didn’t hate her even though I found her flat like all her characters ever was, just a love 52258sick puppy, but I did love the way she goes through the novel trying to figure out what’s
going on. It felt real the way she thought about Richard, about sex with him and so on. That part really felt real the search to finding yourself. The path to accept your queer self in a world where heteronormative is the law.

I also enjoy the theme and the period of time. It was a time where being lesbian was not accepted or normal and I found it made the book interesting. It took guts to write a book about such a taboo subject in the 1940s. I like 10117779learning about how things were made, what things were used, how they communicated, dressed, the amount of money and what you could get for a dollar. The historical concept of it interested me, but the story per se didn’t. I would like to give the author a second chance, but not the book.

Also, I didn’t find very quotable I like when books are quotable.


Now time for the rating. * drum rolls *


Story: ★ ★★

Characters: ★ ★

Audiobook narrator: ★ ★ ★ ★

Audiobook in general: ★ ★ ★

Rating of everything in general: ★ ★


Get it in English here.


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