Tips for oral presentation


     Hey-o! I am back with college tips! I haven’t posted non book related post in SO LONG! I am so sorry. I will be talking about oral presentations. Don’t die on me just yet!!! These tips will help you rock that dreaded presentations. I’ve done so many oral presentations it seems like professors in Puerto Rico are told that oral presentations are bare. I’ve done many. Last semester I took a class where I had to do one monthly, plus the other presentations my professors made me do. I have come to accept them. I don’t love them, but the thought of it no longer sends me into panic mode. Today I am going to give you tips to help you rock it.


Making the slides:


     -If you’re using a slide presentation (PowerPoint, keynote, Prezi) remember not to overcharge them with information. You are supposed to know the material and professors do not like when people just read the slides. Also, it is very hard to read an overfilled slide.

This hurts me.


     -Just because you can put effects on the presentation doesn’t mean you should.

     -The same goes to actions sound it doesn’t look very professional to use action sounds.


Preparing for the presentation:


  • giphy-3.gif     Once you finish making the presentation (the slides, the information, proofreading,
    everything that will be said and done) take some time to revise the information. Try to practice the presentation before this will help you become more comfortable with the material and that way you won’t be forcing to be reading the slides. If you can memorize or just know the concept so well you don’t need notes, then you will really impress your professors.


  •      If you’re allowed to take notes with you bring them but DO NOT just read them. Use your notes as guides to what you have
    This can´t be you during the presentation.

    to explain, comment, define and so on. Quotes can be read from notes but notes shouldn’t just be all the information you have to say. Reading them will cause you to ignore the audience and make it seem as if you’re not prepare.



  •      If you insist on reading them try to have part of me memorize and look up from the as much as possible. Or my personal favorite brings a computer, tablet or your notes printed in a BIG font and place them in the table in front of you. What I do is I bring my computer and if it’s not connected then I look at the computer but since the computer is facing the audience it’s easier to look up without losing your place and also if will not be as noticeable that you’re reading. Same with the printed notes I just look down without making my head look down (did I explain myself) and read them trying to make it look as natural as possible.


****REMEMBER professor want to see that you know the material****




     -Drink some calming tea, water or anything that will calm you that will not cloud your judgement and mind like drugs do. Being calm will help you make a better job.


     -Before starting take a break, take some deep breath and remind yourself that is all going to be okay that even if it feels like the end of the day it is not.

During the presentation

     -Bring a water bottle, if allowed, to take a quick sip during presentations. This will give you a quick break and stops your voice from drying out.

     -This one is well known but not well used. Talk to some of your classmate and ask them
to ask you a specific question you know the answer for. For this you can’t have your notes or it will seem staged but if you do it correctly and success making it seem believable it will make you look prepared in front of the professors. If you don’t want too many people asking questions you’re unprepared giphy-3.giffor then tell them you’re going to answer a specific amount of question.


You- Well now I’m going to be answering 2 or 3 questions.

Your classmate #1- What is 1+1?

You- 1+1=2. Anyone else?

Your classmate #2- who wrote Poem 20?

You- Pablo Neruda wrote Poem 20.

Your classmate #3- How many books are in a trilogy?

You- three book. Well that is all for today.

     -If you don’t like looking at your audience because it makes you nervous or anxious then pick various spot on top of their head and concentrate there. They will feel like you’re looking at them but you won’t feel that way. Don’t forget to look around the classroom to engage with someone. Once I didn’t do this because the place for me to present was in an awkward position and I got a lot of point taken off because of this. I learn from this experience and you should too.

     -if you can’t stay still, I can’t, while giving a presentation because you’re shaking or moving side to side like you’re dancing to Shakira or singing in a chorus then just pace around while looking at the audience. I don’t know if your professors but mine walk all over the classroom this gets my attention since I have to follow them around. In a presentation you can do this pace around while presenting as long as you’re still engaging with the audience.

     Well those are all my tips for today. I hope they were helpful if you know any other tips I didn´t mention feel free to comment below. If you though these were helpful share it with the world and don´t forget to subscribe.


Love, Jane




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