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     Hello! It has been so long since I last posted something book related, but I know why. You know those books that send you into reading slump? Well, I have some books reviews that are sending me into reviewing slump that combined with this semester coming to an end (just 29 more days until class end and after that 9 more until finals end) and I’m going crazy. You know when you’re so stressed that you get sick of the stupidest thing? Yes, that is me right now. I´m supposed to be in college studying for this German dialogue test on Friday and giving in the papers, but instead I´m stuck in my house feeling too sick or tired to move. Well, enough about me. Since these two reviews are making it hard for me to review I decided to power thought them. Today I will be doing the review of How to Be Queen.

                                                                           Title: How to Be Queen

image via her tumblr

Amount of pages: 51 Part Story

Available thought: Wattpad

Author: Alyssa Urbano aka AerithSage on Wattpad

Series or stand alone: It doesn´t have a series per se of the same characters but it’s part of the Myths Finding Love series. 

#62 Fantasy on Wattpad


” What if Hades never met Persephone? What if he has been alone for millennia now, 2488185-176-k867232lonely and ruling the underworld on his own? What if since the dawn of time the god of the Underworld still hasn’t discovered love? Well, that’s where I come in. The three Fates wove it into their looms for me to be born destined as his queen and rule the Underworld by his side.

My name is Aerith. All my life I believed I was mortal: a

terribly unlucky and cursed mortal. Klutz, uncoordinated, sloppy, unfashionable, nerd, geek were only some of the words used to describe me. I’ve always been an outcast, always bullied, never had a boyfriend, never even been kissed. Definitely far from being queen material.

Join me as I get tutored by Olympian gods and goddesses themselves and the best teachers throughout history whose souls now belonged to the Underworld. Join me on my journey as I fall in love with my great king and learn HOW TO BE A QUEEN…”

— * —

I read this story after I got a massive book hangover because of Me Before You. This book really helped my book hangover, it’s one of those fluffy books that you knew that it was going to make you feel good and have a happy ending. I really enjoyed it. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I found myself reading this book nonstop. I couldn’t s2488185-176-k784743top, I couldn’t stop talking about and I wanted to force everyone to read it. You knew how it has gone to end from the beginning, but it really didn´t stop me from reading it. This is one of my favorite Wattpad books!

The characters. I liked the characters, most of them, even though the characters were a little on the flat side I enjoyed them. There were some characters you hated, characters
you loved, characters you hate to love and love to hate. I think everyone that reads this book understands my hatred for Aphrodite. I like Hades, even if he was a grumpy impatient god, I like Aerith (I LOVEEE HER NAME) even if she’s a stubborn young woman who I wanted to punch half of the book. The book was really good and like I mentioned before it’s a fluffy book that really helps with book-hangovers. I mean, what´s better than a free book? Nothing! I believe that it could have been a whole lot better, but I think it just deserves a publishing house to pick it up, the writer to go a little deeper in the story, round characters, an editor to polish it and me to get a copy of it.

Available here

Now time to rate! This book I’m going to rate it in Wattpad Stars. 

 4 star.png

Well that is my short review of How to Be Queen. Just one more short review and I promise the next one after that will be longer.  

 LOVE, Jane


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