Summer Classes 101: My Experience



I am a girl a plan. I am a girl who knows what she wants and will not stop at nothing until she makes it happen. I know I want to finish my bachelor as soon as possible so I can get my master degree and finally start working as a translator. The problem is that at my university trying to get classes is like being in the Huger Games. To get a class you willgiphy-1.gif fight, cry, beg the sponsors (the secretaries, professors, and directors of the programs) for help; you will pray the that you won’t have a hard time. You will also swear the whole before that you are prepared to give the fight and that no one is more prepared than you but then it is time, and suddenly you realize you’re not prepared at all. Still, in the end, the only thing that matters is if you made it to the survive’s village aka the class.

There is a moment in the year where getting a class is actually not tough at all, and that is giphy-1.gif This is one of the reasons why I love summer classes before the only pain in the Arsch is the making a schedule if you have more than one classes. People like taking breaks and they think taking a class or two in summer will be the end of the world. I have taken in two summer semester, three summer classes, and I actually like them more than regular semester classes.

Summer classes are different in every college or university. In some universities you don’t get the same amount of hours as regular classes but where I study you take the same amount of hours you would in a regular semester just in a more constricted rushed schedule. Also in my university summer classes are divided in two: short classes which are 15 days or long classes which are 20 days long. Short classes are three hours a day, five days a week and long classes are either an hour and a half or two hours a day for five days a week.

Whenever I mention to someone, I’m taking summer classes people wonder how do I do it giphy-2.giflike it’s some kind of big deal. Summer classes are not that big of a deal, and they can actually be really helpful. For example, I don’t like math. I really don’t, and I have to take 3 credits in math but just the mere thought of a whole semester of maths gives me nightmares. I’m more of literature, languages, writing kind of girl. So what did I do? I took that class that I dreaded so much and decided to take it in the summer because two months, 20 days, I can handle but four months plus the other classes, no. This summer semester I took two classes a long one, math, and a short one, literature, and last summer I took Spanish.


My experience with summer classes is a good one. Summer classes are not chill classes there definitely will be lots of work and exams in a short amount of time but at the same time, in my experience, professors are pretty nice. These are professors that really like teaching, but also want to enjoy their summer vacations. The professors I had before, and now, gave me work but not to the point where I couldn’t do anything. Remember they know is summer vacation, and we are all tired of taking classes and just want to enjoy our vacations so they usually work with you so you can balance it out. Actually, I liked the professors I had in summer more than the one I had during the spring or autumn semester. I’m not sure if it is because the class is over before you detest them or because they just try to make you have fun and not be miserable.

Fun fact my first summer semester professor aka my Spanish professor on our last day brought us homemade empanadas as a way to celebrate class is over. My second one, the literature professor, brought pizza for all of us, and since the class ended like two hours earlier, we just chill, ate pizza, dance around to music and just had an excellent time.


giphy-1.gifThe credits for summer classes tend to be more expensive. In Puerto Rico, college is REALLY CHEAP, so I really don’t have a problem with being able to afford it. Yet I have heard that some students from the United States of America decide to take the summer classes in a community college because it is cheaper. I think that’s a pretty good idea. I am not sure how much it would cost you a summer credit over there and I know for some people taking summer classes is not an option because of the money. If you can then try it, spending money on an education is money well spent.

*If you are wondering if you should polish your Spanish classes and come to PR to study let me tell you something. You should! I got six credits and with the quotas and everything I spent $474.00 on my summer classes. Not all colleges here are this cheap but for most, you wouldn’t go over $5,000.00 for a semester. In my university, I don’t even spend a thousand dollar for a semester.


I mentioned, like a hundred times, that I took two classes this summer semester. I am done with literature, and I am almost done with math. Still, I have been able to go to the beach, spend time with my family, and I have plans to go Ice Skating and bowling with my best friend and her family. I also finished the new season of Orange is the New Black, started blogging again, and I’m writing a story for Wattpad. Plus I ace literature! How? Balance and basic organization skills are the way to survive summer classes. You can ace your classes and go out, but it is all about balance and organization.

If you have a math test that is next week, and the professor gave you a syllabus withlarge-2 exercises to practice and old tests to use as practice tests then use them. Take some time every day to study and practice for that test. I usually practiced for 4 to 5 days and then use the old test to practice the two days before the test. When I was taking literature, I had to read a lot, and lots of people were miserable because they had to read a collection of short stories at the last minute because they didn’t do it with time. The professor told us the first day of class that we were going to discuss this book on a week so what did I do? I plan to go get the book the next day. My roommate and I took a trip to the bookstore and got the book, which by the way is an excellent book, and started reading on the way back to the dorm. It is all about organizing your time. If you have a three-hour break between classes, then use that break to eat, to take a nap, to study or do all three. Yes, it is very possible. That way when someone invites you to go out with them, you don’t have to worry that you have a book to finish for the next day, a test in two days that you haven’t studied at all or just too tired to go out.




Well, I think that is all I can think of my experience and thoughts of summer classes. If you have any question, comment or a suggestion write down on the comment box below.





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