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     I don’t like to read Goodreads’ book reviews. I love Goodreads it is a fantastic platform that I enjoy using, but I don’t like reading the reviews. This doesn’t mean I don’t do it but I rather not. If I want to read the reviews of a book I try to do it after I read the book and have formed my opinion on it. Why? I feel like Goodreads’ review are so negative. Most Goodreads’ review I see like to nitpick the books and taking stars away for some reasons that I don’t agree. This affects the rating of the book and the amount of people that read them. Honestly reading reviews WILL change the way you look at a book. So if you don’t want other’s opinion affecting how you see, then I recommend you to do the same.

     I have said no to many books and stopped books because of these reviews before but not anymore. Most of my favorite books don’t have the best ratings and some of the books I dislike have a high rating; I like to rate on how much I enjoyed reading a book and when I used to read Goodreads’ review I noticed that I would try to imitate them. I didn’t want to give 4 stars or 5 stars on a book that has 3.5. Reading a book is a personal experience, and I believe you should rate on how much you enjoyed the book.

     Ignore the tiny little details of a book and just enjoy it. Unless these small details bother you or aren’t tiny at all. I have been very vocal how the handling of certain topics in Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless bothered me to the point where I didn’t enjoy it, and it affected me. In that case, I gave the rating I think it deserves but just because it has some grammatical error or it doesn’t seem realistic enough I won’t remove stars. Again there are some cases like Hopeless.

    I think Goodreads’ reviews are some of the meanest and harshest review on the internet and when you first click to see the meanest and cruelest are also the first one. If I want to read a review, I rather read Amazon’s review but even better book bloggers and book tuber’ reviews. When I commented this to a friend she asked why and I told her that it was simple. Booktubers and book bloggers focus more on if they enjoy the book and if the book was good or was a guilty pleasure versus Goodreads’ reviews. I care the book and essence of it. 
     I care about how much the author worked on it, how good it must have felt to write it, to publish and what a religious experience was to read it. I care about the story and If I enjoyed it or if it made me forget about the outside world. I care about the book.

     The rating should only indicate how it felt having the experience of reading it. How the book made you feel, if you couldn’t stop reading, if it let you experience a night full of dreams and thoughts and if you would recommend it. The same friend told me she expected me to be harsher as an aspiring writer but honestly being an aspiring writer just gives me a whole lot more respect for books and writers. I can be. Some things make me cringe but I rather not be harsh because I, as an aspiring writer, know how hard it is to write a book or a story at all. I know how hard is not to have plot holes, to have round characters and a story that attracts the reader. I respect writers even if they wrote the books I hate the most because it may not have given me the experience I wanted and I’ll rate accordingly, but to other people, it might have. So in conclusion to this rant-like-post. I don’t like to read the Goodreads’ reviews, and I know I have sometimes fallen into the habits of reviewing like those as a way to try to fit in that world, but I decided to continue as myself. Expect slightly different reviews from now on, and well I hope you enjoyed this post.

PS I will be starting to do some miniature blog post but on my Instagram. These will include reviews of places I went, Month’s TBR and so on. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @J.B_William  

love, Jane


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