Summer Classes 101: My Experience



I am a girl a plan. I am a girl who knows what she wants and will not stop at nothing until she makes it happen. I know I want to finish my bachelor as soon as possible so I can get my master degree and finally start working as a translator. The problem is that at my university trying to get classes is like being in the Huger Games. To get a class you willgiphy-1.gif fight, cry, beg the sponsors (the secretaries, professors, and directors of the programs) for help; you will pray the that you won’t have a hard time. You will also swear the whole before that you are prepared to give the fight and that no one is more prepared than you but then it is time, and suddenly you realize you’re not prepared at all. Still, in the end, the only thing that matters is if you made it to the survive’s village aka the class.

There is a moment in the year where getting a class is actually not tough at all, and that is giphy-1.gif This is one of the reasons why I love summer classes before the only pain in the Arsch is the making a schedule if you have more than one classes. People like taking breaks and they think taking a class or two in summer will be the end of the world. I have taken in two summer semester, three summer classes, and I actually like them more than regular semester classes.

Summer classes are different in every college or university. In some universities you don’t get the same amount of hours as regular classes but where I study you take the same amount of hours you would in a regular semester just in a more constricted rushed schedule. Also in my university summer classes are divided in two: short classes which are 15 days or long classes which are 20 days long. Short classes are three hours a day, five days a week and long classes are either an hour and a half or two hours a day for five days a week.

Whenever I mention to someone, I’m taking summer classes people wonder how do I do it giphy-2.giflike it’s some kind of big deal. Summer classes are not that big of a deal, and they can actually be really helpful. For example, I don’t like math. I really don’t, and I have to take 3 credits in math but just the mere thought of a whole semester of maths gives me nightmares. I’m more of literature, languages, writing kind of girl. So what did I do? I took that class that I dreaded so much and decided to take it in the summer because two months, 20 days, I can handle but four months plus the other classes, no. This summer semester I took two classes a long one, math, and a short one, literature, and last summer I took Spanish.


My experience with summer classes is a good one. Summer classes are not chill classes there definitely will be lots of work and exams in a short amount of time but at the same time, in my experience, professors are pretty nice. These are professors that really like teaching, but also want to enjoy their summer vacations. The professors I had before, and now, gave me work but not to the point where I couldn’t do anything. Remember they know is summer vacation, and we are all tired of taking classes and just want to enjoy our vacations so they usually work with you so you can balance it out. Actually, I liked the professors I had in summer more than the one I had during the spring or autumn semester. I’m not sure if it is because the class is over before you detest them or because they just try to make you have fun and not be miserable.

Fun fact my first summer semester professor aka my Spanish professor on our last day brought us homemade empanadas as a way to celebrate class is over. My second one, the literature professor, brought pizza for all of us, and since the class ended like two hours earlier, we just chill, ate pizza, dance around to music and just had an excellent time.


giphy-1.gifThe credits for summer classes tend to be more expensive. In Puerto Rico, college is REALLY CHEAP, so I really don’t have a problem with being able to afford it. Yet I have heard that some students from the United States of America decide to take the summer classes in a community college because it is cheaper. I think that’s a pretty good idea. I am not sure how much it would cost you a summer credit over there and I know for some people taking summer classes is not an option because of the money. If you can then try it, spending money on an education is money well spent.

*If you are wondering if you should polish your Spanish classes and come to PR to study let me tell you something. You should! I got six credits and with the quotas and everything I spent $474.00 on my summer classes. Not all colleges here are this cheap but for most, you wouldn’t go over $5,000.00 for a semester. In my university, I don’t even spend a thousand dollar for a semester.


I mentioned, like a hundred times, that I took two classes this summer semester. I am done with literature, and I am almost done with math. Still, I have been able to go to the beach, spend time with my family, and I have plans to go Ice Skating and bowling with my best friend and her family. I also finished the new season of Orange is the New Black, started blogging again, and I’m writing a story for Wattpad. Plus I ace literature! How? Balance and basic organization skills are the way to survive summer classes. You can ace your classes and go out, but it is all about balance and organization.

If you have a math test that is next week, and the professor gave you a syllabus withlarge-2 exercises to practice and old tests to use as practice tests then use them. Take some time every day to study and practice for that test. I usually practiced for 4 to 5 days and then use the old test to practice the two days before the test. When I was taking literature, I had to read a lot, and lots of people were miserable because they had to read a collection of short stories at the last minute because they didn’t do it with time. The professor told us the first day of class that we were going to discuss this book on a week so what did I do? I plan to go get the book the next day. My roommate and I took a trip to the bookstore and got the book, which by the way is an excellent book, and started reading on the way back to the dorm. It is all about organizing your time. If you have a three-hour break between classes, then use that break to eat, to take a nap, to study or do all three. Yes, it is very possible. That way when someone invites you to go out with them, you don’t have to worry that you have a book to finish for the next day, a test in two days that you haven’t studied at all or just too tired to go out.




Well, I think that is all I can think of my experience and thoughts of summer classes. If you have any question, comment or a suggestion write down on the comment box below.




Tips for oral presentation


     Hey-o! I am back with college tips! I haven’t posted non book related post in SO LONG! I am so sorry. I will be talking about oral presentations. Don’t die on me just yet!!! These tips will help you rock that dreaded presentations. I’ve done so many oral presentations it seems like professors in Puerto Rico are told that oral presentations are bare. I’ve done many. Last semester I took a class where I had to do one monthly, plus the other presentations my professors made me do. I have come to accept them. I don’t love them, but the thought of it no longer sends me into panic mode. Today I am going to give you tips to help you rock it.


Making the slides:


     -If you’re using a slide presentation (PowerPoint, keynote, Prezi) remember not to overcharge them with information. You are supposed to know the material and professors do not like when people just read the slides. Also, it is very hard to read an overfilled slide.

This hurts me.


     -Just because you can put effects on the presentation doesn’t mean you should.

     -The same goes to actions sound it doesn’t look very professional to use action sounds.


Preparing for the presentation:


  • giphy-3.gif     Once you finish making the presentation (the slides, the information, proofreading,
    everything that will be said and done) take some time to revise the information. Try to practice the presentation before this will help you become more comfortable with the material and that way you won’t be forcing to be reading the slides. If you can memorize or just know the concept so well you don’t need notes, then you will really impress your professors.


  •      If you’re allowed to take notes with you bring them but DO NOT just read them. Use your notes as guides to what you have
    This can´t be you during the presentation.

    to explain, comment, define and so on. Quotes can be read from notes but notes shouldn’t just be all the information you have to say. Reading them will cause you to ignore the audience and make it seem as if you’re not prepare.



  •      If you insist on reading them try to have part of me memorize and look up from the as much as possible. Or my personal favorite brings a computer, tablet or your notes printed in a BIG font and place them in the table in front of you. What I do is I bring my computer and if it’s not connected then I look at the computer but since the computer is facing the audience it’s easier to look up without losing your place and also if will not be as noticeable that you’re reading. Same with the printed notes I just look down without making my head look down (did I explain myself) and read them trying to make it look as natural as possible.


****REMEMBER professor want to see that you know the material****




     -Drink some calming tea, water or anything that will calm you that will not cloud your judgement and mind like drugs do. Being calm will help you make a better job.


     -Before starting take a break, take some deep breath and remind yourself that is all going to be okay that even if it feels like the end of the day it is not.

During the presentation

     -Bring a water bottle, if allowed, to take a quick sip during presentations. This will give you a quick break and stops your voice from drying out.

     -This one is well known but not well used. Talk to some of your classmate and ask them
to ask you a specific question you know the answer for. For this you can’t have your notes or it will seem staged but if you do it correctly and success making it seem believable it will make you look prepared in front of the professors. If you don’t want too many people asking questions you’re unprepared giphy-3.giffor then tell them you’re going to answer a specific amount of question.


You- Well now I’m going to be answering 2 or 3 questions.

Your classmate #1- What is 1+1?

You- 1+1=2. Anyone else?

Your classmate #2- who wrote Poem 20?

You- Pablo Neruda wrote Poem 20.

Your classmate #3- How many books are in a trilogy?

You- three book. Well that is all for today.

     -If you don’t like looking at your audience because it makes you nervous or anxious then pick various spot on top of their head and concentrate there. They will feel like you’re looking at them but you won’t feel that way. Don’t forget to look around the classroom to engage with someone. Once I didn’t do this because the place for me to present was in an awkward position and I got a lot of point taken off because of this. I learn from this experience and you should too.

     -if you can’t stay still, I can’t, while giving a presentation because you’re shaking or moving side to side like you’re dancing to Shakira or singing in a chorus then just pace around while looking at the audience. I don’t know if your professors but mine walk all over the classroom this gets my attention since I have to follow them around. In a presentation you can do this pace around while presenting as long as you’re still engaging with the audience.

     Well those are all my tips for today. I hope they were helpful if you know any other tips I didn´t mention feel free to comment below. If you though these were helpful share it with the world and don´t forget to subscribe.


Love, Jane


Back To School Life Hacks/Tips Part 1: Getting Ready for School/College.

You guys have no idea how long it took me to make that photo from scratch but I'm so proud.
You guys have no idea how long it took me to make that photo from scratch but I’m so proud.

Summer break is over.

Worst. Sentence. Ever.  Also, my reality and the reality that a lot of you will face soon. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner while wondering where the summer went. As you can see summer go flying for me between taking summer classes, travelling to Punta Cana, babysitting my nephew and preparing for college. Since I was so busy before I realized it was the first day of class.

sniff sniff
sniff sniff

SO I decided to look at the bright side and the BIG BRIGHT SIDE is back to school post. I love back to school posts, and since I hadn’t posted in so long well what better moment to go back to that. I’m trying to write and post all the posts I can before midterms and finals because lately I feel like time is flying out the window. So before I make this introduction any longer I should just go to the post.

After plenty of years in multiple schools, around 6 or 7, and my short but meaningful experience in college, I have learned some hack that I feel could be useful to a lot of people. The problem is I have way too many hacks for this post to be readable or bearable so I decided to do it for categories and today’s categories is getting ready for school/college. So let’s start before I make this a sequel to the introduction.

Life Hack/Tip #1 Make your room feel like a relaxing haven before going to bed.

The night before going to bed give your room some good sleep vibes. Make it as relaxing as possible this will help you sleep better and rest more. This is perfect for when you have to go to sleep, but you’re not tired. This is fairly simple and most of the time either cheap or free. My mom taught me this and since I started doing it I sleep better.

this always make me laugh
this always make me laugh

What I do is I take my comfiest pillow and stack them on top of the not so comfy one. Then I spray my pillows with pillow mist. I use one made for relaxation. I spray it on my pillows on my curtains and a little on my bed, then I turn the fan on so the air circulates. I take my speaker and put music for deep relaxation with a timer usually for an hour and a half or more depends for how long I’m sleeping. I tried to put it very low so I would have to concentrate on the music to really listen to it, but loud enough that I can hear it even without paying attention. I put my phone far away from me and a water bottle next to my bed so I won’t have to get up after I’m in bed. If I’m not sleepy and I don’t feel like being in a complete dark my turn in the dimmest light, but I put it far away from my face. Light will tell your body that it is not time for sleeping and will make it difficult.

Ariel I understand you. I do the same thing every night.
Ariel I understand you. I do the same thing every night.

*Don’t forget to put the alarm and you might want to put more than one because it might relax you that much*

Life hacks/tip #2 Always pick the outfit the night before.

I’m pretty sure you have probably heard this before from tons of people. I know I have and my mom was #1 person that since I can remember would tell to leave the clothes ready the night before, but I didn’t listen much back then because I wore uniforms so it wasn’t that much of a difference but now I try to do it religiously. When I don’t I spend precious time trying to decide what to wear. I was a lazy dresser I really am and if I don’t pick my outfit the night before I end up with the same black leggings, black shirts with the same oversized hoodies and the same old boots. The fact that they were on sale on forever and I got like 4 of the black leggings and 6 of the same black shirt doesn’t help. So every night I check the weather report and pick my outfit taking the weather, classes and temperature in consideration. It helps me look presentable and not like a hoodie with legs.  Honestly, this trick saves me like minimum 15 minutes, which is perfect when you love to have breakfast and sleep.

looking good.
looking good.

It helps me look presentable and not like a hoodie with legs.  Honestly, this trick saves me like minimum 15 minutes, which is perfect when you love to have breakfast and sleep.

You should also do this with your backpack and anything else that you need, but it takes too much time in the morning.

Life hacks/Tip #3 Have different outfits ready at the palm of your hands.

The title makes it seem like I’m saying the same life hack twice, but I’m not just hear me out. Like I mentioned, I’m a lazy dresser I believe in comfort over looks plus my sense of fashion its not only strange but it’s rarely on. This is why when the summer before college this occurred to me I felt like a genius. Okay. So you know how when you don’t know what to wear the best thing ever is using an outfit you know looks good, right? Well, what if you would take a picture of your outfit every time you make a new one and you love it so you could save it for future reference?

I have only said this like a hundred time.
I have only said this like a hundred time.

You see where I’m going with this? Well, this is perfect for when the night before you find yourself saying: 

If you still don’t follow me, let me explain to you.

I wish I had that computer.
I wish I had that computer.

What you need to do:

  1. Put on an outfit.
  2. Take a picture of the outfit you’re wearing at the moment or an outfit you have worn before and loved.
  3. Save it in an album in your computer/tablet/phone
  4. When in need for either inspiration or just an idea of what to wear just scroll through your picture and find an outfit that fit your mood.
  5. Put on the outfit you decided was perfect.
  6. Shine bright like a diamond. (Disclaimer diamonds don’t shine they actually reflect)

Life hack/tip #4 Hair

If you like to curl your hair or straightened your hair try to do it the night before this will save you time in the morning. I usually get my hair done once a week only and try to make it last as much with the great help of dry shampoo. Still since it doesn’t last the week and I don’t like straightening more than once per week I like to leave it curly. Then what I do is that when I wash it the night before I leave with lotions and a mix I make so the next day its curly. That way, what I have to do the next day is to wet it a little, put a little more of the mix of the lotions I have already made and I’m ready.

Her hair was actually cute she just needed some good lotion to tame it down but I'm down with the straight hair.
Her hair was actually cute she just needed some good lotion to tame it down but I’m down with the straight hair.

If you use alarms to wake up this life hack/tip is for you. If you have problems waking up, then these few life hacks/tips are for you and if you are an expert at hitting snooze then these are definitely for you.

Life hack/tip #5 Make yourself get out of bed.

Whether you use your phone, your tablet, your mp3 player or just a normal clock if you’re not a morning person then waking up early is not very pleasing and can be harder than telling yourself that you don’t want pizza during finals week If you’re an expert at hitting snooze is even harder but there’s a solution.

I know this is a lot of you guys do this.
I know this is a lot of you guys do this.

Take the device you use for alarm and put it far away from your bed. It has to be far enough that you have to walk more than 3 steps to turn it off. That way, when you finally convince yourself to turn it off, then you’ll have to walk which will then make you realize you’re already awake and might as well wake up.

Life hack/tip #6 Putting alarms like an expert.

If your alarm is not loud enough for you to hear it, there’s three options: 1) if you have a device that fit in a cup then do that. Place it in a cup the cup will make the device sound louder.FM4MUH0HHOFWJME.MEDIUM

2) If you have a speaker and a device that let use speakers with the alarm then you can just use the speaker to make your alarm loud enough for you to wake up. 3) Get a clock, or a new one, that is loud enough or annoying enough for you to ignore. BONUS ONE get someone to wake you up. This might not work if you live alone or if you have to wake up at an insanely early hour but you can always try. I live at home and my mom knows that if its 6 am and I’m not awake she should wake me up. Funny how tons of alarms, very annoying one, don’t always wake me up, but all my mom has to do is say my name and I wake up instantly. I guess that’s just years of training. 

Life hack/tip #7 Back up your alarms

Make sure before you go to bed that your alarms are activated, that the alarms are set at the right time and at the right day. I like to have different alarms just in case something happens. I have my clock’s alarm, my phone’s alarm, my tablet’s alarm and my amazing mom. Also having different alarms is good to have, even if you only need one, but it’s better to be secure.

I usually only need one but I always have more than one just in case.
I usually only need one but I always have more than one just in case.  

Life hack/tip #8 Make sure you wake up gently

If you don’t like waking up with some loud noise because it scares the Jesus out of you then this is what you can do. Put the alarm to start playing soft music 15 to 30 minutes before, so when the loud noise comes out of nowhere you’re half-awake so it won’t scare you as bad. Or simply put an alarm that starts, 15 to 30 minutes before, on low volume and gets louder until you turn it off.

As you can see I like to wake up with the less stress possible in the morning. So these next life hack/tips are for the moment you wake up for class. Okay, so now you’re awake, but you’re still very sleepy here’s my next life hack/tip for you.

Life hack/tip #9 Wake up with the right music.

Have a playlist of music that makes you feel energized and happy. As soon as you wake up listening to it, it has been proven that music can affect how you feel, so having a happy, energizing playlist will make you feel happy and well energized. You can also time it so you know that when it’s done, it is time to leave. If you don’t know what to put into it or just don’t feel like then what you can do is use Songza. I like to use Songza’s waking up happy or waking up with energy playlist it really puts me in the right mood. You can also use Spotify and use a playlist already made or make one. 

Life hack/tip #10 Cold Water

Another great tip is to drink a glass of cold water as soon as you wake up. This will definitely make you more alert plus a cold glass of water is always good for your body.

I <3 infused water.
I love infused water.

It is always good and necessary to hydrate your body and if you’re planning to drink coffee is good to hydrate before because coffee dehydrated you. If you don’t like plain water you can always use infused water for flavor and nutrients. 

I had a couple of tips of tricks, but somehow my computer disappears all of them. It doesn’t even appear when you check for the old version. Heck, it even took off my saving options. This computer is crazy, I miss my old one. So I’m going to try to write them from the back of my head.

Let’s see….

  1. Always have a good, strong, healthy breakfast. Breakfast literally means the breaking of the fast you were while you were sleeping and your body needs some food to get the energy you’ll use during the day. That is why is so important. For me is super important that I get breakfast or I’ll get, the worse headache, but also cause I have early classes, 7:00 a.m., that requires thinking A LOT. Also, I walk A LOT in my college, so having real energy not just the fake one from coffee is a necessity. Try having breakfast every day and you’ll see the huge difference it makes.
  2. Bring snacks with you. Snacks are always recommended by health professionals and I recommend them too. It helps you stay full longer and when class is boring eating snacks can maintain you awake. Try to bring healthy snacks because these might help you get better grades. Like for examples berries and nuts are good for the brains and studies have recently shown that people who eats berries regularly, especially blue berries, have a lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s.
  3. Always bring either a scarf, sweater, jacket, a hoodie or whatever you use to stay warm. This is very important because even if it’s a 100°F classroom can be as cold as a penguin’s butt and I don’t know about you but I can’t concentrate if I’m cold.

I think that was all. Don’t forget to like, share, reblog and so on if you enjoy and stay tuned for my next Back To School Post.


Como sobrevivir los finales (how to survive finals)

Se acerca cada día mas el momento que todo estudiante universitario detesta. Se acerca cada día mas y mientras nosotros los estudiantes podemos hacer una de dos cosas : ignorar lo que se acerca y después sentirnos que nos ahogamos o prepararnos y tener esperanza de que aprenderemos a nadar y salimos victorioso. Si eres estudiante universitario (y en ciertos casos en la superior) entiendes de lo que hablo y si no lo sabes hablo de los finales. ¿Qué son los finales? Es el agonioso momento en el que los profesores al acabarse el semestre decide llenarnos de trabajos y exámenes. Y nosotros los estudiantes sufrimos porque a los profesores se le olvida que su clase no es la única. Además de que estamos contando los días para las vacaciones. Ahora si dejemos de ser melodramáticos y empecemos a prepararnos.


Personalmente prefiero estudiar con música ya que me ayuda a concentrarnos, Uno de las razones es que si tengo los audífonos puesto puedo ignorar el resto de el mundo. No tienes que bajar música a tu computadora, celular, mp3 ni a tu tableta para eso existen muchas paginas web y aplicaciones para escuchar. Algunas de estas paginas web y aplicaciones son: Pandora, soundcloud, songza, spotify, YouTube, y alguna otras que en este momento no me acuerdo. En estas aplicaciones y paginas web hay música para todo tipos de gusto. Usualmente prefiero escuchar música sin liricas para no distraerme. En Pandora prefiero las estaciones: 2chello, piano guys, classical music, Zen garden y film scores. En songza prefiero la opción unwinding (without lyrics) and muted jazz, en songza me gusta escuchar la música electrónica de Brain3 que a mi personalmente me es buena para estudiar. En spotify tengo una lista de música (playlist) con música para estudiar les dejare el link aquí. En YouTube busco playlist, música con hondas para ayudarte a estudiar o busco música de relajación. Otra cosas que puedes hacer es hacer una lista de música en tu celular o en iTunes de música para estudiar. Si tienes Amazon prime me gusta escuchar a Yo-Yo Ma mientras estudio.


Haz un plan. 

Si estas leyendo este post lo mas probable sea que estés muy tarde para planificar las cosas bien en este semestre pero todavía tienes tiempo para aprender para el otro semestre. Desde el primer momento que te dan el syllabus guárdalo como si fuera una gema preciosa o un anillo.


Tan pronto puedas estúdialo. Léelo, léelo y léelo un poco mas. Marca cualquier cosa que encuentres importante como si el profesor o la profesora da nota por asistencia o si tienes un máximo de asistencia. Cual es la escala de calificación y si tiene fechas importantes como fechas del examen, proyectos, etc. Estas fechas las debes apuntar en tu calendario, o en un papel puesto en algún lugar que estés constante viéndolo. Yo tengo una lista de cosas que hacer que tengo todos los días escrito que tengo que hacer y cuando termino con ese día borro ese día pero también pongo los días de exámenes, días que tengo que entregar ensayos, monografía, tarea, etc. Para separarlos de el resto de las cosas que tengo que hacer los marco con amarillo (highlight it) también apunto mis citas y planes. Si te divides las cosas que tienes que hacer por día te ayudara a hacer un mejor trabajo, te ahorraras dolor de cabeza y estarás organizado.

Este es un “screenshot” de mi lista “to do”.

Si sientes que no sabes como empezar organiza tu lista por prioridad y luego desglósala lo mas que pueda así cuando puedas quitarlo poco a poco te sentirás mas liberado y menos perdido. Por ejemplo:


Empezar novela de ingles leer cap. 1, 2 y 3

Comenzar presentación ingles

Continuar presentación cibi

Terminar monografía de huma

Hacer una hora de cardio

Trabajo 6-10pm


Leer cap. 4, 5, 6 y 7 de novela de ingles

Continuar presentación ingles

Terminar presentación cibi

Proofread monografía de huma

Hacer bibliografía anotada huma

Hacer bibliografía anotada cibi

Proofread presentación cibi

Trabajo 8-12pm

Encuentra un lugar de estudio y mantelo libre de reguero y cosas que te distraigan. Mi madre siempre me dice un cuarto, o en este cuarto lugar de estudio, regado es un mente y vida regada. Así que mantén ese lugar libre de reguero para que no te distraigas. Mantén todo lo que necesites ORGANIZADAMENTE cerca de ti porque si eres como yo te levantaras, te distraerás y se te olvidaras de lo que estabas haciendo.

Vístete con ropa cómoda.

Estudiar con ropa incomoda distrae tanto. Entiendo que quieras verte bien pero hay maneras de estar cómoda/o y seguirte viéndote bien. Yo una vez me puse unos mahonés high waisted que me quedaban un poco apretado pero no me importaba porque me veía adorable pero dos maltas indias mas tarde estaba inflada por los gases de la malta y para decirte el cuento largo corto me tuve que ir 30 minutos antes de la clase porque no aguantaba el dolor/incomodidad. Así que no pude terminar la clase y mucho menos quedarme a estudiar. Así aprendí mis dos mas importante lecciones no tomar mas de una malta india y no usar ropa apretada para la universidad. Honestamente siento que estudio mejor cuando me siento cómoda. Además ¿a quien le importa? En los finales todo el mundo esta demasiado ocupado para importarle un peto como te vistas.           giphy-6

Si tu respuesta es a mi me importa pues aquí te dejo un par de ideas de outfits. Extra puntos si animales no murieron por tu ropa.

Toma un descanso.

Sea un día para salir con tus amigos, familia o pareja después de una semana de estudiar sin parar o pequeños “breaks” mientras dedicas un día a tus estudios toma descansos o “break.” A mi me gusta si puedo un día a la semana salir y no tener que pensar en mis estudios. Usualmente salgo con mi familia o mi novio pero otras veces simplemente me quedo en mi casa y veo netflix todo el día mientras me pongo una mascarilla en pelo y en la cara y como palomitas de maíz como si no hubiera mañana. Mientras estudio me tomo un descanso de 5 minutos cada 20 minutos. Yo me pongo una alarma para no pasarme del tiempo. En mi cuarto descanso en vez de tomarlo de 5 minutos me lo tomo de 20, 30 y hasta una hora. En este break como, veo netflix o me baño entre otras cosas. Luego comienzo de nuevo con los break de 5 minutos cada 20 minutos y los cada 4to descanso tomármelo largo. Cuando siento que necesito un descanso lo trato de tomar aunque sean 5 minutos y para terminar motivada me doy una recompensa usualmente es un largo baño seguido por netflix y dulce, dulce sueño. Tomar estos descanso te ayudara a estudiar mejor porque si te sigues forzando la lectura(por ejemplo) cuando sabes que no estas captando lo que lees pues estas perdiendo el tiempo. Además de esta frustración te puede llevar a procrastinar.



Si… ¡Lo se! Se que todo el mundo te lo dice pero es la verdad deberías dormir. Esto te ayudara a funcionar mejor y te ayudara a estudiar mejor sin sentirte que te mueres.


Además de que tu cerebro necesita un momento para guarda todo lo que es importante y esto ocurre mientras duermes. Si sientes que tienes demasiado de trabajo para poder dormir 8 horas corridas entonces divídelas. Duerme 4 horas luego despierta y trabaja 4 horas. Luego que trabajes esas 4 horas toma una siesta de 30 minutos y luego trabaja por 4 horas mas. Luego toma una siesta de una hora luego trabaja por 6 horas mas y luego duerme por 5 horas y así continua el cicle hasta que puedas dormir suficiente en una noche.

Ahora si hablemos de algo muy importante.


Cuando llegan los finales los estudiantes nos estresamos y muchos de nosotros cuando nos estresamos comemos especialmente comida chatarra. Otras veces sentimos que no tenemos tiempo para comer y comemos lo primero que encuentre que usualmente es: COMIDA CHATARRA. El problema con la comida chatarra es que es C-H-A-T-A-R-R-A! Así que no es nada saludable y lo que no es saludable no te hace sentir saludable. Comer saludable te da energía, te ayuda en los exámenes y te ayuda tener un sistema inmunológico que esta ready para combatir todo lo que malo que le venga a molestar. Además de que comer saludable se siente tan rico y sabe muy rico.


Lo mejor que puedes hacer es llenar tu apartamento/residencia universitaria/ casa con comida saludable porque si esta llena de comida saludable es mas fácil tomar la decisión correcta. Si en donde vives tienes comida saludable accesible el lado vago de ti te hará tomar la decisión correcta porque es la mas fácil. Por ejemplo frutas por todos lados, servicios de nueces en tu bulto/escritorio en todos lados. También comida ya lista que lo que falta es que lo calientes y ya. A mi me gusta preparar ensaladas de frutas y echarle el zumo del limón para que no se pongan fea y para extra nutrición le hecho espinacas que saben exquisita mezclada con el zumo del limón.

Deliciosa ensalada de fruta por mi.
Deliciosa ensalada de fruta por mi.

En mi bulto SIEMPRE tengo meriendas usualmente nueces, rollitos de arroz, manzanas y ciruelas secas. También siempre tengo mi botella de agua conmigo así cuando me suenan las tripitas simplemente saco una merienda de mi bulto saco mi agua y así me lleno con cosas saludables en vez de gasta un dólar en una bolsa de papitas. También como vivo lejos de mi universidad siempre me llevo mi almuerzo. Por ejemplo: pasta de habichuelas con nueces, espinaca, tomate y salsa Alfredo, o verduras hervida con carne vegetariana o arroz integral con gandules y quínoa.


Cuando te toque cenar trata de ir por lo saludable. A mi me ENCANTA la pasta y el arroz así que trato de comerlo en moderación o la versión mas saludable. Un ejemplo es usar pasta integral o hecha de vegetales y arroz integral o salvaje. Si amas la pizza tanto como yo puedes hacerte una mas saludable en tu casa con pan pita integral, salsa de tomate y queso con muchos vegetales. Si lo tuyo son los tacos y burritos compra las plantillas integrales, usa soy crumbles y refrito que no haya sido hecho con grasa animal. A mi me encanta y a mi novio (que come carne) también.


si quieres comprar galletas, papitas, etc. trata de comprar las versiones mas saludables. A mi me gusta pedir merienda por Naturebox aunque tardan mucho en llegar a mi país. Naturebox tiene las versionas saludables de la comida chatarra como almendras con sabor a canela, cebolla, jalapeño… o galletas de higo con limón, papitas de col risada y cranberries secas que saben mejor que los dulces. Es bueno en este tiempo tener tés de relajación pero que sea para relajación no para dormir. Estos te ayudan a bregar con el stress, yo los necesito porque me estreso fácilmente.

En cuanto cafeína recomiendo el te de yerba mate o el te verde sino tomas café. Como buena latina yo tomo mi café con leche (de almendras). Otra opción es tomar agua bien fría cada 30 minutos mas o menos para mantenerte despierto y comer manzanas.


¡Consejito! El café deshidrata y un cuerpo deshidratado no funciona tan bien como una hidratado así que no olvides tomar mínimo la mitad de peso en onzas. Si quieres hacer la matemática de cuantos vasos de 8 onzas son pues divide tu peso en dos y al resultado divídelo en 8. Si quieres medirlo con la botella que usas haz lo mismo pero en vez de ocho divídelo por la cantidad de onzas que trae la botella.


Bueno creo que eso es todo. Si tienen una duda que quieres que te aclare deja un comentario o envíame un mensaje y los responderé lo antes posible. Adiós.


love, jane